29 de março de 2010


Pelo segundo ano estamos a organizar o Leiden International Short Film Festival (LIsFE) e andamos à procura de participações. Assim, quem tiver amigos, conhecidos, profissionais ou amadores, ou assim assim, que estudem cinema ou animação e tenham curtas com que possam querer participar, é favor encaminhar-lhes o link para o site oficial, onde podem encontrar os regulamentos e o formulário de inscrição. Ou seja, é divulgar pessoal!

Deixo-vos uma pequena apresentação:

« The Leiden International Short Film Festival » is a yearly event that intent to attract people around a selection of international short films or animation.

LIsFE is the only short films and animations festival in Leiden.

Attracted by a common interest: Cinematography (especially short films) a group of international students from Leiden university decided to organize a yearly event dedicated to the most “original” and quite unknown part of cinema that are the short films and animations.

LIsFE/01 (2009)

The 2009 edition of the festival screened more than 70 short films from 30 different countries, in a marathon of ten hours of projection, competed for awards in four different categories:
In addition, a photo competition/exhibition was part of the event as an attempt to broaden the repertoire of LIsFE interests and to promote it as a general cultural event.

LIsFE/02 (2010)

This year LIsFe is going to be a 3 days event:
  • Friday evening, the 28th of May at the Plexus center, screening of short movies from 17pm to 23pm.
  • Saturday 29, at Schetelma, screening of short movies from 10 am to midnight.
  • Sunday 30: screening of a Long movie “Liberty” by Tony Gatlif and organization of a concert from a Gypsy Band.
The screening program is organized in “regional” and thematic movie session.

During the whole weekend, Pictures, from the Photo amateur competition coming along the Festival, will be exposed in the different places of the Festival.

The theme of the 2010's competition is linked to the theme of Lustrum of Leiden University, which is "Reason and Emotion", a highly topical social theme. On the one hand, in the knowledge society the rational abilities of citizens come under increasing pressure, while on the other hand emotions play an growing part in the public debate.

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