11 de outubro de 2012

A dolorosa existência (ou não abandone os seus animais)

"My dear good Sister, 

Please accept this little outcast son of mine trusting with God's help that I will be able to sustain it in your institution. I would not part with my baby were it in any way possible for me to make a respectable living with it, but I cannot, and so ask you to take my little one, and with the assistance of Our Blessed Lady I promise to place in the contribution box, each month all that I can spare from my earnings, and to bring it clothes as often as my means will allow. This is no idle promise Good Sister. I know how often such are made and broken, but I will do my duty. Its name is Joseph Cavalier."

um exemplo do post "I beg you to take my child", do fantástico "Letters of Note"

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  1. O Gallardón devia ler coisas como estas. Grande filho de uma vaca.